Get Your IPA On – with Shelley Mitchell

Meet Shelley Mitchell

Get Ready to Learn 

How to Get Your

Income Producing Activities On!

Shelley Mitchell 

  • Have you ever been frustrated by people not buying from you?
  • Do you have more month than money?
  • Or perhaps you don’t have an actual Lead Generation Program . . . which is critical in Network Marketing & Direct Sales (or any Business)

Would you like to know how to FIX these challenges?


Shelley Mitchell has real world solutions to put money in your pocket!

During this teleseminar you will learn:

  •   Three of the top 10 reasons people spend money (and it’s not what you think)
  •    WHY people are NOT BUYING from YOU and the words you were using in your marketing and your language that causes it.
  •    Hear how a FEW SIMPLE changes that Shelley’s Clients made allowed them to Make More Money in just a few short weeks and months. 


      STOP Making Noise and START Making Money


We will have the opportunity for questions and answers.

Join us Thursday, May 22 at 12 noon




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