7 Essential Networks . . .

Do You Have them?

At a recent gathering of industry professionals, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on making your business stand out.
While my particular topic was ‘Branding You,’ Andrea, who sat in on the panel with me and shared some bullet points on the ‘7 Essential Networks’ we should develop. I’ve expanded on her bullet points:

Developing 7 Essential Networks

1) Spiritual — where we worship – There is the law of sowing and reaping . . .

Do you believe you are highly blessed, favored, and ready to receive a super natural miracle today?

Do you look for opportunities to serve others?

2) Social — who are our friends. It’s been said that our income is the average of our 10 closest friends (or at least the 10 people we spend the most time with). Once you identify your top 10, would you say you are being ‘stretched’ by your friends or are you ‘just hanging out’?

A second area to review is the 10 most frequently called phone numbers on your cell phone. How many of your ‘top 10’ are people you who ‘need’ you or perhaps tend to suggest how you could ‘do things better,’ or simply suck you into the drama of their problem filled lives?

I would suggest to you that not only do your circle of friends determine your income, they can determine your dreams. If you are hanging out with a group of people who are small thinkers and dream stealers, this is what you will become.

Look to build a ‘mastermind’ team that will grow you and hold you accountable for becoming more.

3) Professional — we need to belong to our profession’s industry organizations.

Why is this important? Simply put, it’s good to be plugged in. You want to know what’s happening before ‘the street.’ Being part of a professional community can be a strong source of referrals for you. Many times when a job isn’t right for one colleague, it can be perfect for another – if you’re well regarded, and a woman of your word, you will be at the ‘top of the list.’

And in building your Direct Sales/MLM or Network Marketing Business connecting with others is the lifeblood of your business. People have a short memory. Make a good impression. If you say you are going to follow-up at an event, follow-up.

4) Ethnic — if you have ties to ethnic and/or cultural communities, this network can be critical to you. There are three groups of women who are growing in power: a) African Americans b) Latinas, and c) Asians. If you are happen to have ties to any of these communities and are not building those relationships, you are missing the boat! It is staggering the purchasing power of each of these individual communities.

So if you are not African American, Latina, or Asian or married to one of these ethnic groups, do you have friends that could open the door for you? I would hope that we all have friends in these communities – the question is are they connected and can they introduce you to the right people? Start networking – and start asking your friends how you can help them grow their business – it works both ways!

5) Gender — Particularly women – we are natural networkers – socializers. Did you know that women are responsible for 83% of every buying decision – read that again – YES, we as women influence 83% of EVERY purchase!

So what does that say to you? Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone? Ask them what they like about a product that is in their cart that may be similar to your product – get them talking – find a common point of interest – and add them to your contact list – it is a natural sequence.

6) Community Service – translates into volunteer work. What causes are you passionate about? It’s amazing the people you will meet when you volunteer. They come from all walks of life.

I can tell you when people are volunteering, they are happy to be there. They are looking not only to serve the project they are contributing to, but typically are happy to make connections with those they serve with. People who volunteer like ‘opening doors.’ Find one or two charities to contribute your time to – with no expectation of return – bless others.

7) Interests or Hobbies – be part of a club that celebrates the activities you like to do! Simply put . . . it’s fun to be around people who have similar interests.

If there used to be something you really enjoyed but you stopped doing it because you ran out of time, think about committing just 1 hour a week to fun for you. It will refresh you and fill your emotional checking account. You will be happier – And ‘When Mama’s Happy . . . Everyone’s Happy!’

As you go through your daily activities which will (just by the nature of living your life) include being involved in these networks, remember to be more INTERESTED instead of INTERESTING to the people you talk with.

The more opportunities you allow yourself to become involved with, you will be amazed at how far your ‘net’ is cast. Look for ways to bring value to the people in your network and remember, when you are INTERESTED in others, people will go out of their way to help others (and you) by making referrals.


Debbie Wysocki is the founder of WWD MLM Academy, where she Educates, Empowers, & Mentors Women in Direct Sales & Network Marketing to build more profitable and successful businesses with their existing companies. She is also the owner of WWD and residual Money secrets–companies that empower the average person to live an extraordinary life by teaching how to build profitable businesses in the network marketing arena.

She is a wife, mom to Trent (age 16) and Amanda (age 13). She is also a Girl Scout Leader with one the top selling Cookie Troops in Broward County, community and church volunteer, a top producer in the MLM industry, a real estate investor, best-selling author, trainer, speaker, business consultant, marketing & branding expert, and former Beverly Hills financial analyst.

Debbie is passionate about empowering others to become financially free and live a life they love – creating the success they deserve—utilizing her 25 plus years of experience in branding, marketing, and strategic business building in Real Estate, MLM, Network Marketing, home businesses, and entrepreneurs!

BE IRRESISTIBLE: 7 Key Recipes to Building a Quality Team Whether You’ve Been in Network Marketing 10 Years or 10 Minutes is as a System designed to teach WOMEN in Direct Sales and network Marketing how to Attract Quality Leads and turn them into Team Members while generating Cash – it is currently available as an eBook ww.HowToBeIrresistibleNow.com and will soon be available as a physical book. This is a flagship product released under the umbrella of WWD MLM Academy.

Her most recent co-authored book, a Juicy Joyful Life is an Amazon Best Seller and available at local bookstores and on the web. One of her other favorites is Wake Up and Live the Life You Love, co-authored with Wayne Dyer and Anthony Robbins.

Debbie’s motto is ‘How you do anything, is how you do everything!’ Serving others is how Debbie lives her life.

You can contact Debbie directly at 800-576-3767 or Debbie@WomenWithDreams.com





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