Avoid the Pitfalls

  • NOT HAVING THE TOOLS to do your business (CDs, brochures, welcome kits, a small amount of extra product) 
  • POOR TIME MANAGEMENT – Don’t spend time doing un-productive things and neglect doing the important things like communicating with your downline, Showing The Plan (STP), Having a Party, Sponsoring new people, sponsoring new people, and Training. 
  • NOT TREATING IT LIKE A BUSINESS – You don’t have an 800# (if you are doing nationwide advertising), a smart phone, a great all-in-one printer, a professional voice mail, a land line (most leaderswill find they need this) with long distance, a computer—preferably a laptop, and a filing system to get organized. You are not willing to spend a little money on growing your business. 
  • EXPECTING UNREALISTIC INCOME TOO QUICKLY & GIVING UP WHEN THINGS DON’T GO THE WAY YOU EXPECT THEM TO RIGHT AWAY. Successful people know you are going to fail many times before you succeed, and they never quit! They succeed because they don’t quit, and they learn from their mistakes. Make a 12-24 month commitment. Set realistic short-term and long-term goals. 
  • POOR ATTITUDE – Focusing on the negatives in your life and business. Challenges will come, but you can turn each adversity into a seed of opportunity. 
  • LISTENING TO THE ‘DREAM STEALERS’ – People who can tell you why nothing will work; they know everything and are usually very unhappy and unsuccessful themselves. You have to distance yourself from these kinds of people, or you may end up with them going nowhere. Don’t forget WHY you are doing this business—Choices & Freedom in life. 
  • NO FOCUS – Most people who try to do too many things at once never succeed at anything. Focus on your business and watch it grow!
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