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The Life of Your Business

It must become a daily habit like brushing your teeth—done everyday.

We’re going to share with you many ways to prospect for your business, but the point is to ‘just do it!’

Bottom Line . . . No people prospects, means not people to show the plan to and that means no people joining your team. No Team means no Dream.  Need I say more?

Ninety percent of your efforts should be spent in this very critical area of gathering names and developing relationships.  We are in the people business.  We get paid to be friendly.  If you don’t like people, this is the wrong business for you!

When you are meeting people, they will be assessing you, so when you leave your home, be sure to look your best.  You are a SUPER STAR RECRUITER.  Remember, you have one shot at a first impression. How you wrap your package (that means how you dress) is important.  It can open or close the door of important relationships.

Always be neat (and yes you can even look neat at the gym).  You may want to wear something that starts a conversation.  On my team, many people choose to use the MWM logo wear (see our Preferred Vendor Section – Monograms Plus) or our special pins—they create conversations.  Think of something you can wear that will create brand recognition for you and your TEAM.  I like a really nice T-Shirt  (Mossimo Scoop Necks from Target, Old Navy V-Necks, Ann Taylor, or Boston Proper) embroidered with YOUR logo.  I also have visors, hats, briefcases, totes, car magnets . . . and so much more!  Be creative!

So what are the ways that we ‘prospect’?

Warm Market

This is the most logical place to start.  And it’s why it is the starting point in the 90 Day Fast Start Book (available in the Members section) or for purchase at ( )

Your first assignment is to select your Top 10 Contacts.  And we don’t mean your easiest people that will just say yes—we mean YOUR BEST.  Why?  Do you want to build your business fast?

Think about this.  If you discovered gold in your back yard and you could keep everything you found – BUT only as much as you could physically remove within the next 48 hours—who would you let in on this great secret?

Who would be the top 10 people you care enough about to let in on your secret and share the wealth with?

Those are the people we want you to be on your contact list first.  After you finish those, then we will go to the next 10 on your list.  And we want you to think about what makes them special or unique.  Do they have a great smile; are they good with people; do they have a job they want to leave; or kids they want to spend more time with?

In making your list, you will have family and friends that aren’t business material.  Say Aunt Sally who is 75 and not in great health.  She loves you to death and wants to see you succeed.  You want to assist Aunt Sally with her special challenge—so your approach would be from this angle.  Caution though.

Lead with the business.  Part of the presentation covers the product, and it is there they will decide for themselves if the business is for them.  If not, they will more than likely choose to try the product!

This module is about meeting people, creating the contact, exchanging information, adding them to your list, and developing the relationship.

Be sure you have a good place to save all the names of the people you meet.  We’ve found the best way is with a ‘Prospecting Journal,’ which is nothing more than a small notebook that you can list the person’s name, phone number (email, if possible), where you met them and a couple of characteristics with the date.

 A couple of hints when prospecting, once you have determined someone qualifies to be on your contact list.

How do you initiate the conversation?

The simplest way is with a sincere compliment!

 Find something you truly admire about the person and compliment them.


 Find something in common with them and mention it. 

 Example:  If you both have your girls that are taking ballet lessons, you could open by saying ‘Are you as amazed as I am at how quickly they grow out of ballet shoes?’  Then go on to ‘How long has she been taking lessons here?’  Where does she go to school?   And what do you do (for a living)?  

 Obviously this is not the inquisition and there will be some give and take to the dialogue.  The goal is to open up the conversation.

 If you are at the grocery store, find something in common with their groceries—maybe dog food.  ‘Hi, I’m Debbie.  I see you like XYZ too’  or ‘I was thinking about trying that product.  Do you like it?’   ‘What kind of dog do you have?’  ‘Do they miss you when you go to work?’  If they seem friendly and are responding, you can take them the next step and say, well what do you do?  Again, the natural progression is for them to ask you what you do.

So how will you answer that?  This is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.


If you work with a wellness company, YOU DO NOT PEDDLE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS!


 Here are a couple of choices for you:

 I create change for people that are looking to get more out of life. 

 People may ask how do you do that?

I teach them how to build a profitable business.  In 2-5 years people are generating 6 to 7 figures.


 I am a Recruiter—I recruit people who are interested in earning 6 to 7 figures a year.  I am looking for my next 3 millionaires.  Are you one of them?  Now, back to you . . .and the prospect at the grocery store. 

 If you work with a jewelry company, you don’t sell jewelry. You do transform lives . . .

 What if you don’t have much time to ask 3 – 5 questions? 

 You can only get out the first two questions to open the dialogue; you can get the person’s information by saying ‘Hey, thanks for that info’

‘I’d like to exchange contact info with you.  Do you have a card?’


Invest in professional business cards.   Be sure to read the section on branding for additional details. Do not design your own unless you are a graphic artist. The WWD and residual Money secrets cards (see business resources section for more information) are professionally designed based on the master himself, Joel Bauer’s principals of marketing.  They have been tested.  The cards get great response and are designed to create automatic interest in the business opportunity.

When you share the business opportunity first, you give people the choice of saying YES to the business; should they decide the business isn’t for them, most people have an interest in health and wellness and see the benefits of the products.  Your job then becomes taking it from a NO to the business to a YES for the product.

 Please note the cards are in our website colors—double-sided and high impact.  They give a gift offer, a testimony, and a guarantee.

Your branded business cards will have the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone (not a voice mail box)
  3. Your email (be sure that this email is not an email that is affiliated with your strategic business partner company—make sure it’s not a ‘cutesy’ email address)  If you have not done so all ready, secure your name as a domain name.   Example:  Then, your email would be:   Doesn’t this look much more professional than ?
  4. Your branded website (not your partner company).



Hand them your INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION RECRUITER CARD (see business resources section for more information)

 This card is different because it doesn’t talk about your business—it simply states the obvious—you are a recruiter.  It gives them a way to contact you.  Remember, this card has just these three pieces of information:

  1. Your Name
  2. One Phone Number (to a voice mail box)
  3. One Email
  4. There is no mention of your company or product whatsoever!

 Carry both kinds of cards with you – who you are talking with will depend on which card you use.

 Note:  You will want to have a product business card . . . because we indeed move products, but this is not your primary card.

Every Day Activities

Prospecting will become second nature to you. IT MUST BECOME SOMETHING YOU DO EVERY DAY! When this happens, your business will explode—because then you will be building constantly.

When you are living your life; running your errands, traveling, shopping, volunteering, dining out, any activity where you are with people,  it is an opportunity to see if someone qualifies for your team.  You must be interested in people—who they are—what they do.

What qualifies them?

The number one qualification is a great smile!

 Other things to take note of:

  • Their eye contact (is it direct?)
  • How they interact with others
  • How they are dressed
  • How they treat the people around them
  • How they talk
  • How they treat service people


What are some everyday activities?

Going to the:

  • Gym
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Grocery Store
  • Play Groups with small children
  • Volunteering
  • Doctors Appointments
  • Nail Appointments
  • Hair Appointments
  • Clothing Shopping
  • Eating Lunch Out (the slave camps—think Panera Bread from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm)
  • Lessons you may take (Spanish or musical)
  • Sporting events
  • School Pick Up
  • Lessons for your kids (ballet, piano, soccer, etc)
  • Post Office
  • Fed Ex
  • Kinko’s
  • Massage
  • Church
  • Chiropractor
  • Repairmen that come to home
  • UPS man/woman delivering to home
  • Networking event

How many of these activities could you check off today?  This week?

The key is to get out there.  Some people even go to two different gyms each day so they can meet two different sets of people—imagine being that creative.

 Which brings me to my next point . . .

Scheduled Prospecting

If you find yourself not prospecting in your daily routine, you will need to schedule time to do it—at least twice a week for a couple of hours.  You should have a goal of adding one new contact to your list each day.

If you don’t add one person each day, then you need to know at the end of the week, you need seven.

 Some people like to go ‘prospecting’ together.  This might work for you if you have a local team.

Great Questions to Open With

  • So how long have you been ________________? (example: a hotel manager?)
  • Are you enjoying it?
  • What is it that you are excited about your job?
  • (They will respond)

After 3 or 4 questions, you need to determine, if the timing is right for this prospect to tell him you are looking to expand your International business—or perhaps you will just choose to exchange contact information and touch base with him over the coming months.


What’s the key?  Consistent daily prospecting.

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