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If you’re in business, you need tools and resources to both run and grow your business.

The Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry have unique needs as well.

In listening to Dr. John Maxwell this month on the role of Leadership, he shared that as entrepreneurs, we all need to build Leadership Teams. The obvious first reason that comes to mind is that as business builders, the faster we can raise up leaders, the faster we get to the ‘walk away’ income state. The second less obvious factor is that no one – not even superwoman, can do everything. We need to build a second Leadership Team that is our ‘Go To’ Team to get things done: A lawyer, CPA, web master, computer geek, assistant, marketing advisor, and various other strategic alliances important to the growth of your business. I’m sure there are a few more you can think of.

So, while there may be other vendors who are just as good, this is a list I stand behind.

90-day-fast-start-bookBefore we can do anything in our Business, we need to know WHY we are building. I developed this 90 Day Fast Start Book – 7 Steps to Profitability for my TEAM because we needed to have the correct MINDSET – if you are seeing a high attrition rate when people get NO, then this will be helpful to you. This workbook and audio will walk them through the steps of writing out their WHY (more than making money). It includes steps on what you would do if money were not an object (who would you help, how would you spend your day, where would you travel, live, etc). It walks them through writing out a WHY statement, creating a VISUAL Dream Board, and a mini Dream Board (to post in multiple place and carry with them). Next we talk about what will happen if you don’t take action OR if you allow someone to STEAL your DREAM.

We move into getting your business started and duplicating the process and the kind of people we want to select for our business. This product sells for $149.97 at some of my other sites, but here I am selling it for $99.97.

This comes with 2 email consultations (review of your workbook answers and coaching on your WHY statement, if needed).



The #1 problem after mindset is who do I talk to! The flagship product of WWD MLM Academy is the BE IRRESISTIBLE System.

The 7 KEY RECIPES for Attracting a Quality Team: Whether you’ve been in Network Marketing (or Direct Sales) 10 Minutes or 10 Years in a way that appeals to us Girls and in a way that will have you making money immediately and growing your TEAM!



So what is the NEXT Logical Step? You have the right mindset, you have prospects, YOU need to follow-up. My good friend, Nancy Matthews has a great system that makes Follow-up EASY and FUN . . .


It Nancy’s 12 Step Follow-Up System Regularly Priced at $197 but for our Women With Dreams MLM Community she has given us a great 60% discount – just $79! Grab it now! Here’s the link created for you to take advantage of Nancy:


Purchase Your Domain


You will need several domains if you are branding you and your TEAM. The best customer service and the most reasonably priced that we have found is Go Daddy. Their customer service department is open 24/7


Hosting Your Website


We have found Host Gator to be awesome to work with. They have friendly, knowledgeable staff who are available 24/7. For just $14.95 a month, you can host unlimited websites!



deb-bixlerDeb Bixler has some great tools to share with our Direct Selling Sisters on how to have more profitable parties – whether you are having trouble with Hostesses or Individual Sales, Deb is masterful at walking you through some of the best ways to overcome a specific challenge. She herself built a great business.

Visit Deb at The Cash Flow Show



A great place to advertise your Direct Sales or Network Marketing Business for a reasonable price.


Ever Wonder How to Jazz Up YOUR Parties?  Well Jenny B. has some great resources that can help you look pulled together and ‘first class.’  Great ideas for games too!Jenny B. offers specials and giveaways all the time to her customers (HINT to you).


Network Marketers – these products are great for encouraging your customers!


My Favorite Auto-Responder

igravitateEvery online business needs an auto-responder. And not all auto-responders are created equally. If you want an auto-responder that works, you need to use Home Office Pro (HOP).  Simply put, HOP (a product of Platinum Synergy), this Contact Management System rocks.  It is simple to use; has great training videos; and live customer service.  This company make sure your messages past the spam filters. Most importantly, it’s affordable and effective. Click the photo to learn more. Home Office Pro is one of the best MLM resources around. (note: that Silver, Gold and Platinum members have this included in their membership)


Building Your Own Team Website

Our recommendation is Platinum Synergy. They have done 3 big TEAM sites with large back offices, replicated sites for our members, and so much more. They deliver on time and provide quality service.  Here is the phone # 519-570-9115


High Quality Audio & Video Recording of
Conference Calls & Presentations

Audio Acrobat is simple to use from any phone.  You don’t have to be a technological genius to figure it out.  Simply dial in and record – you can fully edit any recording.  Good training available.  Just $20 a month.


Tax Education and Record Keeping Tools


Sandy Botkin’s Tax Tapes & Other Great Materials—Education is power.  As a former Beverly Hills financial analyst specializing in tax-advantaged investments for high net worth individuals, I found great value in Sandy’s very informative audio series.  This information can literally save you $5,000 or more dollars on your taxes.  And Sandy knows what he’s talking about—he spent several years in the tax department of the international accounting firm, Touche Ross. He has extensive financial and legal experience, including five years as a legal specialist in the Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service.

SAVE 10% with our Discount Code!

When you visit input code wwd-rms


Do You Belong . . .
To Our Profession’s Organization?


If you were an Actor, you would belong to the Screen Actor’s Guild or if you were a truck driver, you would belong to the Teamster’s Union.  So, you are part of the Direct Sales or Network Marketing Profession, it’s important to belong to the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance – the only Professional Organization available to ‘field’ members.  There are many perks, including insurance for both health and liability and tremendous educational programs.

Go check them out at



Everybody has at least one special day that it’s nice to be remembered on – One of our ways that we like to remember prospects, people on our TEAM and friends is to send them a Birthday Card.

The two resources we use are:

and for physical cards


How many times do you think about sending a birthday card, thank you card, or general occasion card—but never make it to the store—or post office.  Send Out Cards has taken the work out of card sending.  The cards are high quality, can be personalized  for your brand or TEAM and you can even include gift cards.

This is a great way to say thank you to a customer or happy birthday to friends, family, and prospects.


What’s Working Now in MLM?

Another great course by Mike Dillard!Finally, another great course by Mike Dillard. In his new course “What’s Working Now?” you will learn the hottest tips and trends in the network marketing industry. Discover what the top earners do, but never share with their downline. This course will blow your mind! Another one of my favorite MLM resources!

Marketing Strategies


Facebook Marketing Course

Grow your business with Facebook!Ever thought about using Facebook to grow your network marketing business? If you haven’t, you should. Facebook is the largest social media website in existence. If you know what you are doing, you can leverage Facebook and create a tsunami of leads to your capture page or website. Check out this e-course to learn how to grow your business with Facebook. It will be one of the wisest things you’ve done. This is one of my favorite MLM resources.


Perry Marshall Google Adwords Course

The best Google Adwords Course Available!When it comes to online marketing, the key to success is traffic! And the best way to get FAST traffic to your website is with Google AdWords. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can cost you a small fortune. The fastest and best way to shorten your learning curve is to pick up a copy of Perry Marshall’s classic course “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords.” This small investment will help you become a pay-per-click guru in no time. And with its small purchase price, you can pay for this course with the money you save from your first Google Adwords campaign. This is one of the first courses I ever purchased when I first got involved with online marketing. This is a MUST HAVE for any SERIOUS online entrepreneur, regardless of your industry. Just click on the image to check it out!



In conclusion, all entrepreneurs need resources and tools to help them grow their business. Although some people succeed without them, most people need extra help to get their business going. If you haven’t achieved the success you desire in MLM, maybe you should try a different approach. After all, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen.”

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