After a Webinar or LIVE Business Opportunity Call

The Do’s and Don’ts of Closing the Call

Let’s start by talking about how to set up your close. You should begin the closing process when you set the initial appointment! When finalizing the appointment with your prospect, you should let them know that you will be calling them with your business partner.

And you should arrange ahead of time which members of your team are available for closing with you. That way you can begin to edify them when you are setting the appointment.

There are benefits to each kind of presentation – in the live webinar, you get an indication of their level of interest – because we ask. In a pre-recorded webinar, you don’t have to be on the phone waiting for them to watch the webinar, so you can be doing more contacting and inviting OR spending time with your family and then do a follow-up call – or maybe you are doing a training call, while you are letting the power of the internet do the heavy lifting of a presentation.

Or, maybe your company has a great general presentation. If that is the case, be sure to create a short 10-15 minute presentation of your own that includes your WHY and a close – of WHO you are looking to partner with—this is an important step. You want to partner with like minded people – otherwise you will be banging your head against the wall.

If you 3-Wayed your prospect into a LIVE Business Opportunity Call, you will need to need to carry the call for a few minutes before you connect with the member of your upline team.

It is strongly recommended that you do the 3-way close at all times. It is very powerful—and you will enroll many more people than if you try to be a hero (and think you’re not bothering people to assist you in this very important task).
Please be sure to read the document of the Power of a 3-Way Close and the proper way to effectively use your team in closing with you. Your team means people above you and below you that are actively building and you identify with – and more importantly you believe your prospect would identify with. It is powerful.



  1. Introduce your mentor or business associate with their 3 great bullet points to your prospect—be genuinely excited to connect them and edify your mentor/associate to you prospect.The mentor/associate will carry most of the conversation—THIS one, but the roles will soon be reversed and you will be assisting in 3-way calls, so please be prepared. And be prepared to interject commentary at appropriate moments.Be sure to have your COMMON OBJECTIONS SHEET close by, to answer your guests’ questions.
  2. If following up after a webinar, the first question to be asked is ‘What did you like best about the presentation?’ If you 3-way your guest into a live call, click off the call and say to your guest, “Hi Sally, that was some great information that Kellie & Lori shared.” Stating a positive comment and saying the presenters names sounds positive and fun and shows team work.Again, the first question we ask is ‘What did you like best about what you just heard?’
  3. Whether they learned about us by phone or via the virtual presentation and based on their (positive answer), your mentor may ask a few ice breaker questions about what they do for a living, why they are looking to have their own business.
  4. The next question to ask is ‘Do you have any questions that you would like me to elaborate on?’ Saying this kind of tests the waters to see if they understand what was presented or what they might have missed.
  5. Sharing with them ‘One of the best parts of our business is the fact that you actually can be generating a 6-figure a year income in 2-5 years.’
  6. Ask them ‘Are you ready to get started tonight?’
  7. If they are interested in the product, say great—you’ll really experience a tremendous savings with the Pacesetter’s Pack (substitute the name of your best way to get started)—it’s best choice and it gives the ability to earn income daily and the largest discount and the best savings.If they are concerned about the money, remind them they can try the products risk free—it’s a WIN-WIN with our money back guarantee—you literally have no risk?You may have a few other objections—which are noting more than questions. After 2 or 3 of these, you can then move the prospect to a decision.Assuming I answer this question or concern, are you ready to get started tonight?

    If they are still not sure, you might go on to say, ‘I can see you’re a successful person (or can identify a good thing), haven’t there been times when opportunity knocked and you passed it by? How has that worked for you? This is one of those times.

    Don’t be afraid to ask closing questions. If you don’t ask, they won’t join. And remember, Closing is nothing more than opening a long-term relationship!

  8. Be REAL… are there because the person you are speaking with needs an option and you have one. They will join because they trust what you have to offer.


  1. Click off the call (or start your call) and say to your guest “I know that was LOTS of information.” Saying that is leading your guest to thinking there is a lot of information to “think about” so they will not be able to make a SIMPLE decision.
  2. Click off the call and say to your guest “You there??” Saying that implies that you’re not expecting them to be there.
  3. Click off the call and say to your guest “What did you think?” Saying that is leading them to tell you what they thought good or bad or nothing at all.
  4. Click off the line and laugh. This implies that you do not have “belief” in what you are offering.
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