The Objection Grenade

Doug Firebaugh

I LOVE objections… they make it easier to recruit… how?

Ever had someone not be quite as excited about your business as you are?

Ever had someone be downright negative and come up with all kind of objections?
You will in this business… and life as well… for example…

If you went into business and opened up a restaurant, the majority of folks would really not be that supportive….because of the *Risk* involved….but any good entrepreneur understands “Risk Management”….

What if you fail? What if it doesn’t work? What happens then? The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Yeah…but about if it does work… and work BIG?

You will get all kinds of negative feedback… and this business is no different…
So…How do you handle it?…

Simple…Throw a Grenade!

What is it?

It’s called The “Objection Grenade”…

ANYTHING they say… you respond…

“That’s the exact Reason you need to take a look at this business…”

It doesn’t matter what they say…

There basically 5 objections you are going to get when recruiting…

  • No Time
  • No Interest
  • No Money
  • No Hurry
  • No Success

When they start “Fire Hosing” your presentation… smile and say this…

“I am glad you brought that up….It shows you are thinking… and I appreciate that… in reality… That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this…

  1. No time to do it… “That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this… let’s be honest… if you don’t have time to improve your life for your family… you don’t own your life… your job does… Is that what you really want? Is that fair to your family and future?”
  2. No Interest… “That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this….you simply don’t have enough information to be interested…”
  3. No Money… “That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this… have you ever wondered WHY you don’t have the money? Let’s be honest…isn’t it time you started changing that?”
  4. No Hurry... “That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this… if you aren’t in any hurry… this is perfect for you… because you work it at your own pace… isn’t that great?
  5. No Success… My Brother in law did this… “That’s the exact reason you need to take a look at this… There is a right way to do this business and a wrong way… your brother in law obviously didn’t understand the correct methods… let me at least show you the difference…

The key to handling objections is do it with respect and appreciation of the comment…

Doug Firebaugh
TrainingFire Intl. ©

I love Doug – and his training – but his exact words did not work for me – he is a man – so let me share with you how I changed his words to work for me:


“You know I understand how you feel, I felt the same way . . .

  1. No time to do it... “I am really busy too, and I realized when I first took a look at this business that if I didn’t change, I would always be busy but I would not be creating the life that I wanted. That’s when the light bulb when on for me.” So like most women, I shifted things around a little and found the time to create what I wanted – you seem like that kind of person.
  2. No Interest… “I was just like you at first because I failed at another business and I just didn’t want to be bothered. But, the person who invited you here obviously thought enough of you to invest their time so perhaps you might want to think about looking at the full story – that’s what I did.”
  3. No Money... “When money is a challenge that’s a wonderful reason to look at our business – that means you have room in your life for opportunity. We have all been there where we don’t have enough of what we want – and I can tell you without a doubt, this industry can deliver Dreams for those who work! And the best part is, you can do it part-time and you can do it fast.
  4. No Hurry… “It’s up to you how much or how little you do and how many hours you build. The cool thing is the friendships you develop.
  5. No Success… “My friend did a business like that and didn’t do very well.” I think we have all had friends that have done poorly in business – and maybe even ourselves – but the good news is the quickest way to success is failure – and that’s the exciting news. I failed twice before I had success – and I was definitely hesitant to try again – but I am so glad I did. Remember, my job is to be your coach and your cheerleader – the great thing about our industry is the better I do my job in helping you, the more money I make – so I have a BIG incentive to help you succeed!

I hope the small change in words shows you the difference in how women talk and recruit.

The changes may be subtle – but how women respond is very noticeable. 

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