New Associate Interview and Commitment Sheet

Name:_______________________________ Date:_____________

Please share your birthday with us so we can remember your day! ___________________

Please present a copy to your Mentor or Enroller.

The road map to success begins with goals and a commitment. By completing this sheet, you will set short-, mid-, and long-term goals. These goals should include important areas of your business (retailing, sponsoring, volume, income) and personal goals (new home, car, children’s education, charities, etc.). Setting goals and making commitments can help you build belief in yourself and create action.


1. Why did you decide to join your company?
2. What is it about network marketing that attracts you?
3. What obstacles or concerns do you have about starting this business? 
4. What do you plan to be earning per month with your (name of your company) business in your first…
6 months? $                1 year? $
5. After your business is successful, what major difference do you foresee in your life one year from now?
6. What are three things that you will do as a result of your success? 1.2.3.
7. Are you coachable and willing to follow the system?    [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
8. What are your product related goals?  (i.e. – in my company we use ‘health and weight-loss goals’)
9. Did you sign up for Autoship?    [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
10. How much product did you purchase on your initial order?
11. Write down the days and times you will reserve for business:
12. How much money can you invest on a monthly basis to get your business going? 
13. Do you like to work on:  The phone   [  ] Yes     [  ]  No   The Internet    [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
14. Do you have a large circle of influence?    [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
15. Do you know anyone in network marketing or direct sales?    [  ]  Yes     [  ]  No
16. Do you enjoy working with people and making personal contacts?  [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
17. During what daily activities do you come into contact with people?
18. When can you schedule an in-home presentation with your contacts?
19. What are your personal strengths that will help you in achieving success in this business?
20. In what areas do you feel you have weaknesses?
21. Why will you be successful at this business?
22. What can your upline leader do to help you to be successful?
23. What is your commitment level to be successful?     [  ]  Low    [  ]  Medium     [  ]  High
24. Are you registered for your company’s Convention and next training or event?    [  ] Yes     [  ]  No
Please indicate the following commitments you agree to make:[  ]  I commit to build my business for 24 months. I understand that a real business takes time and effort. [  ]  I commit to get my top 10 prospects interested in the products and business to my sponsor as soon as possible.[  ]  I commit to do income-producing activities every day (i.e., recruiting, retailing and training).

[  ]  I commit to remain coachable. I want to learn from people who are already successful.

[  ] As much as possible, I commit to attend meetings, conference calls, trainings (by phone or in person) and to listen to at least one conference call per week.

Signature_______________________  Date _________





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