Are YOU Building a Business

  • Do YOU have a passion for:The product ~ The company ~ YOUR Financial Future
  • Are YOU Enrolled in Autoship for 100 points (or qualifying volume)?
  • Have YOU made your contact list?
  • Have YOU contacted your upline with people YOU want help with? (three way calling) and are you actively using them?
  • Have YOU let your upline know that YOU are serious?
  • Have YOU shared your goals with your upline. Where YOU want to be in 30-60-90-days?
  • Are YOU connected to the internet and is YOUR screen name appropriate for your business?
  • Have YOU made sure that your closest Executive team leader has your email and cell # and you have their info? 
  • Have YOU shared your success stories with your upline (success of the day)
  • Do YOU have a little extra product on hand?
  • Have YOU invested in your Company’s marketing tools?
  • Have YOU sent out inter-active tools to contact list?
  • Have YOU enrolled people in the last 30 to 60 days?
  • Have YOU informed your upline of who YOU have enrolled?
  • Have YOU followed up with those YOU have enrolled?
  • Are YOU signed up for your Company’s next conference?
  • Do YOU talk about nothing else?
  • Have YOU become a mentor to others?
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