Champion 17 MLM Prospecting Keys

  1. 95% of your Daily Activity should be spent on Prospecting til you earn $10K/mo

  2. Prospecting Journal

  3. Your Business Card (it’s not a bill board)
    No Company Names

  4. Step Out in Faith—Have a ‘pretend’ cell phone conversation looking for six-figure income earners—you will attract attention. Do this during lunch.

  5. Questions—Ask variations of ‘Would you be interested in earning 6 figures with a division of a multi-national company?’ How about we exchange info?

    Go from uncomfortable to comfortable!

  6. Choose 14 lunch places that ‘slaves’ eat and network.

  7. Business Exposure. Check your newspaper for seminars and networking meetings—attend at least one each week.

  8. Business Cards—Especially Nutritional. Pick up 10 cards a week.

  9. Alter Your Buying Habits to Create New Relationships

  10. Join three Health Clubs

  11. Adopt a Millionaire Lifestyle! Prospect High-End Sales people

  12. Name Your Team. Go out together and recruit as a team.

  13. Prospecting Route—30 Businesses—3 minute sizzle line—visit 3 day

  14. Teach a Seminar on Why Have a Home Business (Free)

  15. Power of Visualization — I am recruiting MLM Millionaires — 20+ min/day

  16. Become a Professional — Role Play What Works

  17. Know Your WHY—Is it Long? Be Laser Focused.

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