The Power of the 3-Way Close

WWD MLM Academy makes a very bold statement: We work together as a TEAM.

Three way calls are used over and over by both beginner and seasoned pro-fessionals to attain success. The best in our business never quit doing three way calls.

A three way call gives third party validation so be sure you edify the person you will be calling with your prospect.

Whether you are new to the team or have been building your business for a year or more, we want to keep that team concept alive.

The Three-Way Close is part of our proven system. It is one of the most successful processes we have in place. It is so important that as you are working to build your team, you utilize your mentor and coach and your entire upline team. While, there will come a time when you feel you are ready to close on your own, generally speaking, everyone has greater success when they can call on the power of a 3 way close either from a mentor or a team mate.


The purpose of the 3-way Close is to assist you in closing. Remember, a three-way call gives that all important third party validation—so you must be sure to edify the person you will be calling with your prospect. Your prospect should feel like they are going to be talking to Donald Trump, and they are so lucky to get 5 minutes of their time!

Here are the steps of an actual 3-way call–make sure you walk through each of the steps outlined carefully below to ensure your call starts off and ends successfully.

  1. The Introduction

    • Make sure your mentor provides you with 3-4 introduction ‘success’ bullet points about them.
      The purpose of this is to allow you to share some exciting personal information about your mentor that will get the prospect excited by the person who will be joining your call.
    • When you are ready to mentor and help your team with closing make sure you create your 3-4 bullet points. Think of all the wonderful things you have accomplished in your life and focus on the four that just really make you proud. An example would be, “Debbie is the founder of Women With Dreams and a Million dollar earner in the industry.”
    • Provide your list to your team prior to doing the 3-Way Close so that they are very familiar with them. This will help to provide a great start to a successful call.
  2. Role Play The Introduction

    • Know how to introduce someone and Set it up ahead of time. We mention the importance of working with your direct mentor, but the reality is that if you are with a good company, the culture that should be when the company wins – everyone wins.The culture of The Academy is that we are here to support you also in closing. Part of the Gold and Platinum Inner Circle Memberships is we will practice Closing (and inviting – and event presentations). If your personal Team from your company is not available, your Academy Sisters will be able to help you close by edifying you and your company – while we will not be able to answer specific questions about your company, we can sell you and say general comments about your company – like it’s Rock Solid – provides great products – and Janet Smith has loved the products for years. This is available to our Gold and Platinum Members.If your mentor isn’t available you will have access to others who are comfortable in closing. Make sure you contact the person you would like to help you close ahead of time as it is important to coordinate schedules.
    • Here is a great way to approach an introduction:When you introduce someone else–build them up before the call–when you are setting the appointment–you want to say, I am going to have my mentor on–and they are so busy, that sometimes, it’s hard to book time with them. Then share with them why you are so excited to be part of their team.Example: It’s awesome to work with Barb because she has such a handle on how to build the business effectively. She creates success for those people that want to build with our team. She is usually booked non-stop.

      Go on to say ‘But, I will arrange a time slot for us after the call so together we will get your questions answered. Be sure to allocate time right after the presentation.’Remember, you want it so they can hardly wait for that phone call after the presentation.

      When your prospect truly feels someone busy, successful and important is joining the call they will pay attention to what is said. They’ll turn down that TV and take notes because they’ll understand that the person joining the call is worthy of their full attention. They will be impressed you have access to that person, and they will feel important too because they are included on the call. How many people can get on the phone with Donald Trump?

  3. How to Ask Someone for a 3-Way Close?

    • When you have your first prospect, you are ready to utilize the 3-way close!
    • The first person to ask is your mentor. Coordinating schedules can sometimes be tricky but just know that your mentor wants you to be successful and will do all they can to accommodate your needs. Provide your mentor with some details about your prospect. This will allow them to be a little more personable. This is all about developing a relationship and working together as a team. This is exciting and make sure you share your excitement with your mentor.
    • Should your mentor not be available, do not skip the 3-way close! Utilize other resources – Like the Academy sisters or go further upline on your Team. You have a powerhouse of resources – use them! Be sure to have at least 6 -10 phone numbers to use for closing.
    • The beauty of a three way is that you are learning while you are building your business. As you hear the call being done over and over things will click with you too so eventually you will be comfortable being called in for a three way.
    • If you had Donald Trump on the phone giving advice and teaching you, would you interject your own opinions? How many calls would Donald Trump be willing to do with you if you did? So, edify and introduce the person you have selected to do the 3 way with and then be quiet, get out of the way and let them take it from there!
  4. Are you ready to Close for Someone Else?

    • Once you have done some 3-Way Calls and feel very comfortable with how to approach them, you will soon find yourself ready to assist your team members do the same. You will know you are at this level when you are so excited and have been successful with closing.
    • When you are ready to close you will ask some of the following questions:
      1. What did you like best about the presentation?
      2. Where do you want to be in the next 2-5 years?
      3. What system are you ready to get your business started with today?

At this point your new prospect has said, YES and you are on your way to great success. Just remember, utilize the 3-Way Close as it is one of the GREATEST tools you have when working with a team. If you do not have a SUCCESS Team – search out ‘cousins’ in the business. They almost always will lend a hand.

At this point your new prospect has said, YES and you are on your way to great success. Just remember, utilize the 3-Way Close as it is one of the GREATEST tools you have when working with a team. If you do not have a SUCCESS Team – search out ‘cousins’ in the business. They almost always will lend a hand.

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