CHARACTERISTICS OF Irresistible Super Star Leader

  • Committed to Leadership


  • Committed to Service

    1. Providing Excellent Customer Service
    2. Follow-Up With New Associates on a Regular Schedule
    3. Provide Enrichment for Team Members
    4. Attend All Team Functions
  • Committed to Community

    Create Community where the Team loves to go because of content, recognition and how it makes them feel )


  • Committed to Personal Growth

    1. Be purposeful in Actions & Intentions
    2. Goal Setter for self and Team (ask if actions are moving your towards one of your top 3 goals)
  • Committed to Living a Life of Integrity


  • Accountable


  • Committed to Making a Positive Difference


  • Committed to Living and Creating a Life by Design – and Living the Life of Your Dreams


By Debbie Wysocki

Network Marketing & Direct Sales Coach * IRRESISTIBLE Marketing & Branding Expert * Mastermind Facilitator * Author * Speaker – 800.576.3767 –

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