7 Fundamentals to Transform Your Business

Do you love the Direct Sales and Network Marketing profession?

It is the most amazing profession!


Because . . . Your Dreams can come True!

There is a catch of course . . . you need to work . . . it is not NetWish Marketing or Direct Wish Sales.

Just like any successful entrepreneur, business leader, CEO, or investor has learned, SUCCESS does not just happen. It is through daily disciplined efforts and investments of time and money (money invested in self and business) that allows you to be in control of your life and aligns with your values, family and time.


  • When you see other people from all walks of life who are making money in their network marketing and direct sales businesses hand over fist and your business isn’t growing as fast as you want –
  • That you don’t know the first step to take
  • That you are having trouble approaching people (even though you are friendly) OR maybe you have run out of people to talk to?
  • That you are afraid to give a presentation OR your presentations go on so long that people lose interest?
  • That your parties are fun but no one orders?
  • That your hostesses have trouble getting guests to show for the party?
  • That you do not have enough bookings or appointments to ‘Show the Plan’?
  • That your Team is not growing as fast as you want and you are not attracting key Leaders?


My name is Debbie Wysocki. I’m an ex-Beverly Hills Financial Analyst who chose to create a life a life-and that included no more boss. Now my number one joy is being a mom to Trent (age 16) and Amanda (age 13). I’m a million dollar earner in network marketing, an author, speaker, trainer, real estate investor, business consultant, marketing & branding expert, Girl Scout Leader & church volunteer.

I’m not telling you these things only to impress you, but to share with you I have a pretty darn good idea what I’m talking about when it comes to building a PROFITABLE DIRECT SALES BUSINESS and creating a Team and TEACHING others how to do the same.

What I’ve found over the past 19 full-time years in network marketing is most people don’t have a plan and a system to build their business. They get excited about their opportunity, their sponsor will give them a brief training (if they are lucky), and then, you are on your own to figure it out.

Have you figured it out? I know I didn’t the first few years I started my business. In fact, 97% of the people who join network marketing and direct sales NEVER figure it out!

WHY is This Important to YOU?

It’s time to stop the insanity and go to a WOMAN who knows your FRUSTRATION.

YES, I know what it takes for a WOMAN TO SUCCEED IN MLM and DIRECT SALES and create REAL long-term wealth in just about ANY economic environment.

And now for the first time ever, I’m revealing my confidential, top-secret strategies, that I use with my TEAM and I am going to share them with YOU!

If you are an Woman in direct sales/network marketing who is smart enough to realize that we are in a New Economy . . .with new rules, new obstacles and new opportunities that will allow you to become very, very wealthy in the years ahead . . . should you choose to implement the strategies we share!

Then, there are others who may never come across this site . . . they are operating with old rules and tools . . . they have trouble making a decision (many times for fear of making the wrong decision), they procrastinate taking the first steps to create the change they need and their business needs. Frankly, these women are ‘playing’ in their business . . . and they will soon become part of the 97% who are the fatalities of network marketing . . . the ones who never make a profit and are either badgering their friends or peddling product.

A good comparison is while our world is listening to music on our iPods, they still have a cassette player (or may be even an 8-Track) in their car!

So IF You are ready to embrace cutting edge ideas, tools and systems, and looking to Build a Team and Make Money, you are in the right place!

If you want to build a business that is on your Terms and allows you the FREEDOM that you desire, then let’s get moving . . . Today!

Take the first step and complete the form and let’s get busy on your DREAMs and get rid of your Frustrations!

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