63 Ways to Find Busisness – Guaranteed to Book Your Calendar

Meet Deb Bixler–Queen of Bookings

63 Ways to Find Business &

Keep Your Calendar Booked — Guaranteed!


debbixlerCFS - without websiteI am so excited for you to meet Deb because she has great information to share with you. 

While she is definitely the ‘queen’ of party plan bookings, when I first heard her speak I took 4 pages of notes because it was applicable to my network marketing business!  Deb is able to show you how to get 20 bookings a month and have EASY conversations with people in grocery stores.

Do you think this would help you no matter what business you are in?

This tele-class is guaranteed to fill your calendar or your team’s calendar!  During this teleseminar you will learn:

  •     Real “how to” ACTIONS you can take to get more bookings (and Business Presentations)
  •     The top 4 BOOKING techniques that Deb used to fill her calendar and quit her $80,000 a year job  IN JUST 8 Months!
  •     How to get MORE BOOKINGS at vendor events
  •     How to strike up that conversation at the grocery store or when out and about
  •     And 59 MORE ways to find business

    As the creator of the Direct Sales BOOKINGS University and the Cash Flow Show party plan presentation system Deb brings first hand knowledge and experience to this call.

This is why I am so honored to have her as our next guest.

We will have the opportunity for questions and answers.


Join Deb & and Me for an Amazing Tele-Class

On Thursday, March 27 at 12 noon Remember, Register and you get the Replay!

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