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with Genta Horton, CPA, President & CEO of

Preferred Accounting & Management Solutions

she is an expert in maximizing profits and creating and implementing accounting, audit and management solutions for ‘solo entrepreneurs’ and small businesses.  She understands Direct Sellers & Network Marketers!  Most important . . . she takes the stress out of ‘doing the numbers.’


& Debbie Wysocki, Founder of


                                                WWD MLM Academy 




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Debbie introduced Genta and Genta shared some key concepts on how WE as direct selling professionals and network marketers are eligible to receive at least $5,000 in tax deductions provided we keep proper documentation.  Of course, the disclaimer is, you must be running a legitimate business, and everyone’s situation is different, and you should always consult with a tax professional.


Be sure to have a pen and paper handy because there were so many ideas presented . . . including

 — How to write off every trip

—  Medical expenses can be a deduction

— You can deduct losses against your W-2 earnings

— How to deduct your mileage to and from work legally

— How to employ your children

— How to throw a party and write off the expenses

Genta’s contact info is:
Genta Horton
3440 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 415
Hollywood, FL 33021

Genta has a FUN & FREE giveaway — and an opportunity to win a Book Safe — so be sure to go to her website:  or her facebook — at



So what is the BIG picture?

To Grow YOUR Business!

My goal is to support you in reaching your goals – especially in earning BIGGER BONUS CHECKS and in attracting the right people to your business – all while making a difference in more peoples’ lives with your company.money_circle-300x260-150x150

I believe we are here to enrich other peoples’ lives — find out about them and determine how (and if) we have what they need.  If not, we probably know a colleague who does.  When we take the time to learn about others, it is just one of the ways we become IRRESISTIBLE to them.

I know once you listen to this CALL, you will see that we BRING will bring Value to your Business.


  WWD MLM Academy is a Membership program — and what our private our private Gold Members enjoy is an extra session to Mastermind on the topic of our Expert Class. 

So how do you take your business to the next level?

How do you remove the frustrations that we all encounter in our business every day . . . people telling us they have no time or no money or they are too busy?


It starts with YOU and your brand . . .  then we move to recruiting.  This is a one year program designed to mentor and coach you to be the BEST you can be — and stretch you to be a Difference Maker.

How would it feel to be in the TOP 5% of our Profession or  your Company?

Now is the time to Build YOUR Business, Create YOUR Dreams, and INVEST in YOU!

Become part of  our community — I recommend Gold — because you get actual time with me —

If you want learn  . . .

  — How to Stand Out from your Sisters (that is a Brand)  and a Community

  — Attract Loyal Customers who become Raving Fans

  — Develop Quality Leaders

  — .And Create that BIG Check!

Then you are in the right place.

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Our profession is wonderful, and I know with the right mindset, proper training, coaching, and Action, you can create the Life of Your Dreams!

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