Genta Horton CPA Shares How Easy it Is to Know Your Numbers

Meet Genta Horton, CPA

Genta Horton

Strategic Money Mentor for Maximizing Profits

for Solo-Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Business Solutions Consultant, QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Learn How $500 of Extra Monthly Income

Is Really Equal to $100,000 in the Bank!



Genta  Horton is a CPA and has all the TOP credentials you would expect to find — but what sets her apart is her heart for solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses — she loves helping them maximize their profits and helping them find management solutions.

What I love about Genta is she is sharp and knows that the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Profession needs a special touch (we have the ability to capture a lot of deductions that frankly most accountants will miss).

Get ready to hear from Genta as I interview her — when you have your taxes done, you want to make sure that you do not raise any ‘red flags,’ but at the same time take all the deductions you are legally entitled to.

I absolutely Love our profession and if you are legitimately building a business the wonderful tax benefits that are allowed.  Would you like to know how to save $5,000 a year on your taxes?

Be sure to join us as Genta and I talk about how you can even use taxes as a recruiting tool.

Genta will also share with you how to simplify your record keeping — and now is the time — we are at the half way point in our year!

Do you think this would help you no matter what business you are in?

This tele-class is guaranteed to fill put money in your pocket!

Join us Thursday, June 26 at 7:30 pm for an Info Packed Tele-Class . . .

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