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Meet Nicki Keohohou — She Changed My Life!

Co-Founder & CEO of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

Nicki Keohoou Join us for this Dynamic Tele-Class with Nicki Keohohou the Co-Founder and CEO of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

Nicki will be sharing WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW in our Profession and how YOU can Grow your business. This is a Tele-Class that will be full of great information. If you have met Nicki (or have not yet had the pleasure), be sure to register so you can get the replay.

I have never met such woman who has such a grasp on what is going on in our profession AND who knows how to connect people.

We will have the opportunity for questions and answers.


Join Nicki & and Me for an Amazing Tele-Class

On Thursday, March 13 at 7:30 pm EST Remember, Register and you get the Replay!

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