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thinkbigShelley shared so many great tip about being intentional with our business — and about knowing WHY we are in business — To Make a Profit.  The #1 reason people Fail is they Quit!  People are not clear on their vision.  

Do you know your Mission or Impact Statement?

What keeps getting in your way from having what you want every month?

Show your prospect/customer the ‘bikini’ — not the meal they have to eat to fit in the bikini.

AND  if you are not making $10,000 a month, 80% of you time should be spent on active prospecting, recruiting, and sales.

Shelley really shared from the heart but told it like it is for our profession because she has been in our profession 🙂  Listen to the WHOLE story because she has so much wisdom and she is funny!

When you listen to the end of the call, I offer you some bonuses worth more than $1,750!


So what is the BIG picture?

My goal is to support you in reaching your goals – especially in earning BIGGER BONUS CHECKS and in attracting the right people to your business – all while making a difference in more peoples’ lives with your company.money_circle-300x260-150x150

I believe we are here to enrich other peoples’ lives — find out about them and determine how (and if) we have what they need.  If not, we probably know a colleague who does.  When we take the time to learn about others, it is just one of the ways we become IRRESISTIBLE to them.

I know once you listen to this CALL, you will see that we BRING will bring Value to your Business.

I invite you to join us the  WWD MLM Academy — to be a Difference Maker OR maybe in the TOP 5% of the of our Profession!  Build YOUR Business, Create YOUR Dreams, and INVEST in YOU . . . Become part of  our community.  If you are ready to grow even stronger and reach higher ranks in your company’s awards program,  check out the WWD MLM Academy Inner Circle!    Our profession is wonderful, and I know with the right mindset, proper training, coaching, and Action, you can create the Life of Your Dreams!


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